by Brian Madden 

By now you've probably seen that Citrix has canceled their Synergy event for Europe for 2013. (It was going to be in London this year.) In a blog post announcing their new strategy, they described how they're going back to having many smaller, one-day regional events inside of a huge multi-day conference in London.

That post drew over 100 comments, many of them critical of the decision. One common theme in the comments was that big events are better than small events because the big events pull all the big name experts and presenters. A single massive pan-European conference gets everybody who's anybody... but with all these little regional events, unless you happen to live there, which experts and community members are really going to show up?

So if you were considering attending Synergy and you're now without a conference on London, I'd like invite you to attend BriForum instead, in London, from 16-17 May 2013. BriForum is a highly technical, vendor neutral technical conference where all of the speakers are members of the community. BriForum covers the entire modern end user computing (EUC) space, which includes desktop virtualization, the consumerization of IT, and enterprise mobility management.

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