When filing a Support Request in the My VMware Support Portal, you may notice there is a selection of five KB articles presented underneath the form after you tell us a few things about your issue. These articles are put there to help you resolve your issue before you have even spoken to someone, but did you know there is some intelligence behind what we show you? Today we will explore how we pick these KB articles. It is a rather involved and complicated process, but read on to discover how it’s done.

When you file a Support Request with VMware, everything related to what is done to resolve your issue, is kept as a record. This helps us spot trends, and keep track of issues that may occur frequently. After a certain amount of time, we gather reports to see what common KB articles are used to resolve an issue by the support engineers. The engineers document which KB articles they used in each and every support request they resolve. We then look at the ratings of the article, and how many times it has been linked to. If the KB article maintains a rating above three stars and is linked-to quite frequently, we know that KB article is particularly useful in helping people to resolve that issue. That’s not the only thing we do. We also comb through the case notes of Support Requests to pick up out trends, such as did a virtual machine lock up, did your ESXi host crash, did vCenter Server stop responding, etc.

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