A commonly requested thing that people ask for from vSphere Replication is more consolidated reporting.  You can set alerts in vCenter to key off of various things that surface from vSphere Replication, but it is not exactly a consolidated list when doing so.  What people are looking for is a common interface to pull together *just* vSphere Replication alerts for things like RPO violations.

My good friends and colleagues Alan Renouf and Lee Dilworth have identified a really elegant way to pull this information from vCenter to generate a report that will tell you about any RPO related alerts, such as historical RPO that is violations, when they occurred, and for how long using the ever useful PowerCLI.

Check out the blog post that covers this scripting solution over at Virtu-Al.net that solves this enigma for you.  It’s a great job by Alan and Lee!

--> The rest is to be seen on the blog : http://blogs.vmware.com/vsphere/2013/06/reporting-on-rpo-violations-from-vsphere-replication.html