What is VMware Virsto and What Does it Do?

Since VMware’s acquisition of Virsto earlier this year, many customers and folks in the community have expressed a great deal of interest in the product. Since so many folks have requested more information about the product, I’ve decide to write a series of in-depth blog articles that will discuss VMware Virsto’s capabilities, benefits, and targeted use cases for the product. VMware Virsto is a software-defined storage solution design to optimize the use of external block storage in vSphere virtual infrastructures. VMware Virsto enhances the use of external Storage Area Networks (SAN) by accelerating performance and increasing overall storage utilization. When considering the storage challenges that are faced today in virtual infrastructures, one of the primary concerns revolves around performance and space efficiency. Virtualized environments tend to be performance intensive and persistent with the presentation of random I/O.

Virsto RandomIO

It is no secret that block based storage platforms work best with sequential I/O and VMware Virsto addresses the challenge which currently exists in virtualized infrastructures by intercepting all of the randomized I/O at the vSphere Hypervizor level and writing them to dedicated write logs in a serialized format and later de-staged onto virtual disks on storage area networks (SAN).

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