Here’s a guest post by Robert Tindall who explains the process one would go through to build a driver Library in Horizon Mirage. This is commonly done when working with Horizon Mirage Base Layers, Restores, and Reverting to snapshots. the following guides you through the process of extracting drivers from the manufacture and gives examples of how you can logically structure your device drivers folders for that manufacture, Model, OS Type etc.

To add a driver to your driver library, we suggest you download the driver from the manufacturer’s website and or from a driver installation disk. Once the driver has been downloaded we recommend creating a Driver library structure that is not only distinct to the manufacture but the model and OS type as well. This will include sub-directories and driver type and manufacture.  This is important as many machine types exist using many different driver types and versions and it is very important to keep them tracked and distinct for administration purposes.

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