The security update MS13-061 created a mess for Exchange 2013 administrators and it has been pulled out.


The security update that came with other Exchange releases caused the database indexing to fail, removed the host controller service and created a new one called “Host Controller service for Exchange”. Anyone who have installed this security update need to follow KB2879739 to resolve the issue.

Anyone thinking of rolling it out, please don’t do it ;)

The Exchange team issued a statement in their blog regarding the issue and the statement that caught my attention the most is the one below.

Q: How was this issue not detected in your on-premises deployments?

A: Unfortunately, this security update did not get deployed into our dogfood environment prior to release.


Exchange Team, you have got guts to say that a security update for Exchange was not even tested in your dogfood environment prior to release ;)

But, hats off for being honest.

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