In our recent conversation with customers about Hyper-V Replica, the questions that came up from a few customers was –

  • Is there a way to perform the Initial Replication (IR) for VMs without stressing our organizations internet bandwidth?
  • Initial replication of our VMs take weeks to complete, is there a faster way to get the data across to our secondary datacenter?

The answer is “Yes”. Hyper-V Replica supports an option where you can transport the initial copy of your VM to the Replica site using an external storage medium - like a USB drive. This method of seeding the Replica site is known is Out-of-Band Initial Replication (OOB IR) and is the focus of this blog post.

OOB IR is especially helpful if you have a large amounts of data to be replicated and the datacenters are not connected using a very high speed network. As an example, it will take around 20 days to complete initial replication on 2 TB of data if the network link between the Primary site and Replica site is 10 Mbps.

The following steps walk you through the process of using OOB IR.  

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