A client had errors in Outlook after migrating to Exchange 2013, and Outlook did not show the OAB URL in autodiscover information.


Here is what we did :


Get-offlineaddressbook | fl WebDistributionEnabled,VirtualDirectories,Identity

If you have WebDistributionEnabled set to False and/or no value defined for VirtualDirectories (as shown below) this is why you have the issue


To solve this issue, run the following command

Get-ClientAccessServer | Get-OabVirtualDirectory | fl identity to get OAB virtual directory identity (this will be required for the next command)

Set-OfflineAddressBook -VirtualDirectories "<OAB vDir Identity from the previous command>" –Identity <OAB Identity>

Wait a little bit and try a new autodiscover check; you should now have OAB URL parameter and value.



I recently saw the same problem at a Customer...no OAB URL in Autodiscover.
Looking around a bit, I noticed that WebDistributionEnabled was set to $False which was very odd since that is value that can't be changed and the OAB was missing many of the Virtualdirectories (This was 5 Multi-Role Servers).

Below you see the steps I took to solve my customers problem:

1) New-Offlineaddressbook "New Offline Address Book" -AddressLists "Default Global Address List"

2) Set-OfflineAddressBook "New Offline Address Book" -VirtualDirectories "SERVER1\OAB (Default Web Site)", "SERVER1\OAB (Exchange Back End)","SERVER2\OAB (Default Web Site)", "SERVER2\OAB (Exchange Back End)" -IsDefault $True
(added all five servers of course)

3) Get-MailboxDatabase | Set-MailboxDatabase -OfflineAddressBook "New Offline Address Book"

4) Restart-Service MSExchangeMailboxAssistants (on all Servers)

5) Recycled the Application Pool MSExchangeAutodiscoverAppPool in IIS (on all Servers)

6) Remove-Offlineaddressbook "Default Offline Address Book"