20 mai 2009

Video: High Availability in Exchange Server 2010 - Part 1

Exchange Server 2010 includes a new unified platform for both high availability and site resilience that is very different from the high availability model and solutions provided in previous versions. Exchange 2010 includes significant changes at its core that integrate high availability deep in its architecture, making it even less costly and easier to deploy and maintain than previous versions of Exchange. In this and upcoming videos, I'll give you a tour of the new high availability features, such as database availability... [Lire la suite]
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19 mai 2009

Will VMware give away VMotion and HA for free?

The virtualization wars heated up again last week when Microsoft announced that the next release of Hyper-V will include Live Migration, its version of VMotion, and High Availability (HA) features for free. Currently, these features are not included for free in VMware’s free edition of ESXi; VMotion is only available in the Advanced and Enterprise versions of vSphere; and HA is included in all but the free and the low-end Essentials edition. This just serves as further proof that Microsoft is desperate to catch up with VMware and win... [Lire la suite]
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