26 juin 2013

Exchange 2010: Creating a secondary OWA Site with Integrated Authentication

In some cases it may be necessary to have the default OWA site require manual authentication (forms based or basic), specifically if your users use it to access multiple Exchange accounts. At the same time, I have found myself trying to become less dependent on fat clients and try to rely on thin clients where available and functional. And having Integrated Authentication turned on for OWA makes using that interface much more convenient for daily use.So...in that case, it is necessary to create a secondary OWA site in... [Lire la suite]
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26 juin 2013

Exchange 2010 SP3 – Your request couldn’t be completed. This may have occurred for security reasons

fter upgrading Exchange Server 2010 to Service Pack 3 you can access Outlook Web App without SSL as usual, but there’s the following problem after signing in successfully to OWA by http://servername/ When you click on Options, or ‘new mail’ or  many other places, an error message appear: “Your request couldn’t be completed. This may have occurred for security reasons or because your session timed out”. If you access OWA by https://servername/, everything is ok, Unchecking “Require SSL” settings in... [Lire la suite]
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18 mars 2013

Enable OWA Light In Exchange 2013

How to enable the light version of OWA in Exchange 2013?   By default, the option to enable the light version of OWA is not exposed in OWA 2013. It is easy enough to light up the option, if you want it for any reason. Get-OWAVirtualDirectory | Set-OWAVirtualDirectory –LogonPageLightSelectionEnabled $true will do the trick. Run iisreset for the changes to take effect. --> Please see the rest on the blog : http://www.howexchangeworks.com/2013/03/enable-owa-light-in-exchange-2013.html 
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23 avril 2012

Microsoft Exchange 15 to include offline OWA access: Sources

What’s coming in the Exchange Server 15 component of Microsoft’s next wave of Office wares? Here’s some scuttlebutt from my sources. There’ve been a number of leaks about some of the products in the coming Office 15 wave. But there’s been nothing (that I’ve found, at least) about Exchange 15, the next version of Microsoft’s on-premises e-mail, calendaring and contacts server. Until now, at least. I’ve been collecting any tidbits I could find from my contacts with access to the Office 15... [Lire la suite]
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21 décembre 2011

OWA Cross-Site Silent Redirection in Exchange 2010 SP2

y now, many of you have seen the articles that discussed Address Book Policies, hosting changes, and the Hybrid Configuration Wizard, but deep down I know you all have been hoping that we would discuss the most sought after feature that we decided to include in Exchange 2010 SP2. What’s that you say?  Yes, I know, Tony said that the “new features in SP2 are unlikely to cause much of a fuss” and that there are not that many new features in SP2 (I believe his exact words were “relative paucity”) in his SP2... [Lire la suite]
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10 décembre 2011

OWA Mini In Exchange 2010 SP2...

Exchange 2010 SP2 brings a lightweight browser based client, called OWA (Outlook Web App) Mini and is designed to be used in mobile phones.It is pretty much like the OMA in Exchange 2003. You can access the OWA Mini by appending /oma at the end of your OWA url. For example, my OWA url is https://mail.howexchangeworks.com/owa and hence my OWA Mini url will behttps://mail.howexchangeworks.com/owa/oma.A user must use the full url to access OWA mini. Once logged in, it gives a simple html page --> Please see the rest on the... [Lire la suite]
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27 octobre 2011

Changing Outlook Web App 2010 Timeout Values… A question I got today by email is to list the steps to change the OWA

A question I got today by email is to list the steps to change the OWA 2010 timeout values. The exchange admin who had sent me the email knows that when a user selects “public computer” in the OWA session, the timeout is 15 minutes by default and 8 hours if “private computer” is selected. He wanted to change the public timeout to be 8 hours as well. Though it is not recommended to have long timeouts for public sessions, below are the steps. To make any changes to the OWA 2010 timeout (public or private), it is a registry edit on the... [Lire la suite]
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06 décembre 2010

IIS redirection vers OWA Exchange Server 2010

Dans cet article je vais vous présenter comment rediriger la racine de votre site web par défaut vers le répertoire OWA de votre serveur. La méthode est assez simple sous Exchange 2010 comparée à ceux qui s’en souviennent à la méthode Exchange 2003. Afin d’éviter de tomber sur cette fameuse page d’accueil pas très …. Accueillante… Tout d’abord, entrez un enregistrement « Friendly » dans votre DNS du type : mail.contoso.com afin de l’utiliser pour vos accès OWA --> La suite sur le blog : ... [Lire la suite]
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11 juillet 2010

Exchange 2007 SP3 and OWA S/MIME Version Mismatch

In the recently released Exchange 2007 Service Pack 3, there’s a version mismatch between the Outlook Web Access (OWA) S/MIME Control, an Active X control used to provide S/MIME support in OWA. After you install SP3, users who have the control installed will get prompted to install the latest version of the control. The way this works – the code compares the “Version” property of the client S/MIME control (MIMECTL.DLL) on the user’s computer with the ProductVersion property of the MSI file (OWASMIME.MSI) on the Client Access... [Lire la suite]
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06 février 2009

Resource Mailbox Calendar Settings: Configuring resource mailboxes using OWA

Les boites aux lettres de ressources sous Exchange 2007 se gère en powershell. Oui, mais... on a aussi de l'OWA qui permet pas mal de choses!!!! Have you been using the Set-MailboxCalendarSettings cmdlet to configure scheduling settings for resource mailboxes? Wish there was a graphical interface to configure these settings? [PS] C:\>get-mailboxcalendarsettings cf-oahu | flAutomateProcessing : AutoAcceptAllowConflicts : FalseBookingWindowInDays : 180MaximumDurationInMinutes : 1440AllowRecurringMeetings :... [Lire la suite]
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