19 novembre 2012

Offline access in Outlook Web App 2013

What is it? Offline access in Outlook Web App for Exchange 2013 lets users use Outlook Web App even when not connected to a network. Offline access is newly available in Outlook Web App on the following web browsers.: Internet Explorer 10 Safari 5 or greater (supported on Mac desktops only) Chrome For more information about the offline user experience, see Using Outlook Web App offline. --> Please see the rest on the blog... [Lire la suite]
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09 août 2012

The New OWA Rocks Tablets and Phones!

Last week, we shared information about The New Exchange. Today we’re delighted to share some of the exciting new developments in Outlook Web App (OWA). The primary purpose of OWA is to give Exchange users access to their mailboxes from anywhere through the same Outlook UI and functionality they already know and love. In this release, OWA has evolved to reach not only laptop or desktop computers, but also tablets and phones. As we did with desktop browsers, we’ll continue investing in wider and richer support for tablet and phone... [Lire la suite]
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23 avril 2012

Microsoft Exchange 15 to include offline OWA access: Sources

What’s coming in the Exchange Server 15 component of Microsoft’s next wave of Office wares? Here’s some scuttlebutt from my sources. There’ve been a number of leaks about some of the products in the coming Office 15 wave. But there’s been nothing (that I’ve found, at least) about Exchange 15, the next version of Microsoft’s on-premises e-mail, calendaring and contacts server. Until now, at least. I’ve been collecting any tidbits I could find from my contacts with access to the Office 15... [Lire la suite]
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06 décembre 2010

IIS redirection vers OWA Exchange Server 2010

Dans cet article je vais vous présenter comment rediriger la racine de votre site web par défaut vers le répertoire OWA de votre serveur. La méthode est assez simple sous Exchange 2010 comparée à ceux qui s’en souviennent à la méthode Exchange 2003. Afin d’éviter de tomber sur cette fameuse page d’accueil pas très …. Accueillante… Tout d’abord, entrez un enregistrement « Friendly » dans votre DNS du type : mail.contoso.com afin de l’utiliser pour vos accès OWA --> La suite sur le blog : ... [Lire la suite]
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16 novembre 2010

Comparison of Outlook 2010, OWA 2010 and Outlook 2011 Features

With the recent release of Office 2011 for the Mac, Outlook makes a welcome return, spearheading the way toward full feature parity between Outlook on Windows and Mac. Finally, will your Mac users will be able to do everything their Windows counterparts can? Is Outlook 2011 for Mac just an improvement on Entourage 2008 EWS edition, and will Mac users need something like VMware Fusion plus Outlook 2010 to gain all the features they need for full interoperability with Exchange? And with OWA becoming truly cross-platform, does this... [Lire la suite]
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30 septembre 2009

J'adore Exchange 2010 !!!

Ce soir, ma boite aux lettres de production vient d'être migrée vers Exchange 2010 ! A moi tous les bénéfices de l'interface Outlook Web App et l'intégration des SMS dans ma boites et le Personnal Auto Attendant … Tout cela, c'est génial, mais le mieux, c'est : Venez aux Microsoft Days, on vous expliquera comment c'est possible sans que ça vous coute un œil ! http://blogs.technet.com/dcaro/archive/2009/09/17/j-aodre-exchange-2010.aspx
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06 février 2009

Resource Mailbox Calendar Settings: Configuring resource mailboxes using OWA

Les boites aux lettres de ressources sous Exchange 2007 se gère en powershell. Oui, mais... on a aussi de l'OWA qui permet pas mal de choses!!!! Have you been using the Set-MailboxCalendarSettings cmdlet to configure scheduling settings for resource mailboxes? Wish there was a graphical interface to configure these settings? [PS] C:\>get-mailboxcalendarsettings cf-oahu | flAutomateProcessing : AutoAcceptAllowConflicts : FalseBookingWindowInDays : 180MaximumDurationInMinutes : 1440AllowRecurringMeetings :... [Lire la suite]
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