15 octobre 2012

This FREE tool remove the HP Proliant Support Pack from Virtualized Servers P2V

HP Proliant Support Pack Cleaner v1.5 Release Date: November 8, 2010   This FREE tool remove the HP Proliant Support Pack from Virtualized Servers     NEW in this version: Support both x86 and x64 versions of HP Proliant Support Pack. Run in Unattended mode using /NOGUI parameter.   To run HP Proliant Support Pack Cleaner, you must run as administrator, or disable UAC on Windows 2008. --> Please see the rest on the site... [Lire la suite]
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27 septembre 2012

HOW TO: P2V a domain controller

A lot has been written about P2V’ing Windows Domain controllers. The preferred way is to build a new domain controller based on a virtual machine and demote the physical domain controller. Rebuilding a new domain controllers may not always be possible due to time constraints or other dependencies like additional software running on the domain controller which can not be easily migrated. However, P2V’ing of a domain controller is possible under the right conditions. These conditions are the same for any other transactional service... [Lire la suite]
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26 août 2012

vRanger 6.0 Enhanced with Physical Server Backup

Quest Software unveiled new vRanger 6.0 product. This new, enhanced version of vRanger, will be able to backup not only VMware vSphere architecture, but through the same UI you’ll be able to backup/restore physical hosts as well. The backup of physical hosts will operate through agents installed in those physical systems, and those agents will be pushing the data to be backed up, to the backup repository. Distributed agent’s architecture optimizes the data flow avoiding bottle necks and have better scalability. It eliminates extra... [Lire la suite]
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24 janvier 2011

What physical computer am I on?

Once you start to get more and more virtual machines, and more and more Hyper-V servers, in your environment it can get quite hard to keep track of where a specific virtual machine is actually running. System Center Virtual Machine Manager can help you out here – but what if you are not sitting at the  System Center Virtual Machine Manager Console?  What if you have used Remote Desktop to connect to the virtual machine?  What do you do then? A long, long time ago – I posted information on how to figure out the... [Lire la suite]
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14 mai 2009

How to P2V linux into VMware ESX Server

There is quite a few ressources arround when it comes to converting Windows boxes to Virtual machines. Using VMware Converter for your conversion as a tool is pretty straightforward. It’s a free tool from VMware you can Download here. But what to do if you want to convert a Linux machine which does not have GUI (graphical user interface). I’ll try to help. I suppose that you have a Linux server, an workstation under XP and your infractructure ESX. The steps you need to do: 01.) Download Vmware Converter for linux here. 02.)... [Lire la suite]
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