26 novembre 2013

[Release] ESXi-Customizer-PS version 2.0

I just released a new major version of my ESXi-Customizer-PS PowerCLI script that greatly simplifies and automates the process of creating fully patched and customized ESXi 5.x installation ISOs using the ImageBuilder snapin.What's new: A new operational mode (-update) allows to update a locally existing ESXi Offline bundle with the latest patch level from the VMware Online depot. This way you can easily bring a vendor supplied ESXi installation ISO (like the HP Customized ISO) to the most recent ESXi patch level. ... [Lire la suite]
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14 novembre 2013

Hyper-V 2012 R2 Best Practices

Travaillant sur un projet de déploiement de Windows 2012 R2 avec Hyper-V, et avec les différentes contraintes de fonctionnement de Hyper-V, j'ai cherché chez Microsoft un guide recensant les "best practices" ou bonnes pratiques. J'ai trouvé celui-ci qui détaille assez bien les différents points à prendre en compte : http://blogs.technet.com/b/askpfeplat/archive/2013/03/10/windows-server-2012-hyper-v-best-practices-in-easy-checklist-form.aspx Avec une petite pépite, car Hyper-V étant basé sur Windows, il faut patcher, et Windows... [Lire la suite]
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23 septembre 2013

Bulk Registering Virtual Machines with PowerShell

I recently rebuilt a Hyper-V server – where all of my virtual machines were shutdown first and stored on a secondary disk.  Once I had finished installing the operating system and had Hyper-V up and running – I wondered what the most efficient way to get the virtual machines all reconnected would be.  I ended up using PowerShell to do a bulk import; however this did involve a bit of experimentation to get right. The first thing I had to deal with was the fact that our “import-VM” command requires that you provide a .XML... [Lire la suite]
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07 janvier 2013

Changing Password on Administrator Accounts - Performing an Audit

This article addresses a common task which many administrators have to address within their career as as an IT professional - changing the password on a core administrator account.ScenarioIt is well known that Administrators should always create dedicated service accounts with appropriate access to be used by network applications on a Microsoft network.  However there is always a case of a lazy administrator in the past who could not be bothered to create dedicated service accounts so they use the default domain admin account... [Lire la suite]
03 janvier 2013

Master IT Pro Contest

Yesterday, I had the pleasure to be the host of the Master IT Pro contest ! The purpose of the contest was to “cook” a Powershell script that would achieve the following tasks : •Provision 500 accounts in Active Directory that are users from the marketing department and 500 accounts that are users from the finance department •Ensure that any documents on a share containing social security numbers will be encrypted and only users from the finance department can read it. The participants had one hour to perform the task with... [Lire la suite]
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22 octobre 2012

Garder un historique des logs cluster

Quand il arrive un incident sur un cluster, la majeure partie des informations nécessaires à l’explication se trouve dans les cluster logs. Cependant, il est fréquent que la période intéressante ne soit pas couverte par le cluster log. Pour pallier à ce désagrément, il est possible de créer une tâche programmée qui génèrera les cluster logs tous les jours, couvrant les dernières 24 heures. De cette manière, si un incident arrive vous aurez toujours à votre disposition un historique de plusieurs semaines, voire de plusieurs mois en... [Lire la suite]
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17 avril 2012

vCheck for Exchange 2010

One of the main areas I redesigned in vCheck 6 was the new plugin concept, in my mind this was a nice HTML output which could be used for more than just vSphere checks, the plugins could potentially be any product which has a PowerShell snap-in or module, and even some which don’t Shortly after the release I was contacted by Phil Randal who had done just this, he has taken the vCheck framework and written some Exchange 2010 plugins, this now turns the vCheck report into an Exchange monitoring report too. Awesome stuff! Now you can... [Lire la suite]
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21 décembre 2011

VM Start-up script

ack in Jan 2010 I wrote a script which shut down the virtual infrastructure, this was used to ensure your VMs were shut down and then your hosts were shut down in an orderly manner, ideal for things like UPS shutdown scripts etc. A slight spin on that is a Start-Up script, I was asked by a couple of people if I had one of these, it also becomes more relevant with the vCenter Virtual appliance, no need for HA and DRS rules or to manually search for the vCenter Virtual Appliance if there is a power outage. The script below will... [Lire la suite]
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05 décembre 2011

Exchange Server 2010 SP2 : Mise à jour du script d’installation des prés requis

Bonjour ! Suite à l’annonce de la mise à disposition du Service Pack 2 d’Exchange Server 2010 J’ai mis à jour le script d’installation des prés requis Concernant l’installation : Soit vous ne disposez pas d’Exchange Server et vous installer les prés requis avec les options de rôles de serveur de 1 à 7 Soit vous avez un serveur Exchange 2010 et vous n’avez qu’à mettre à jour les fonctionnalités Windows en sélectionnant l’option 11---> Voir la suite sur le blog... [Lire la suite]
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29 novembre 2011

Top 10 Server 2008 Tasks done with PowerShell – Part 1

Voici un premier article d'une série intéressante....  Introduction There are lots of server tasks in Windows Server 2008 that can be done much faster with Windows PowerShell than with a GUI. What you’ll find in this article series are ten common server tasks all done on PowerShell. In this two part mini-series you’ll learn how to: Change the local administrator password with PowerShell Restart or shutdown a server with PowerShell Restart a service with PowerShell Terminate a process with PowerShell Create a disk... [Lire la suite]
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