07 janvier 2013

Changing Password on Administrator Accounts - Performing an Audit

This article addresses a common task which many administrators have to address within their career as as an IT professional - changing the password on a core administrator account.ScenarioIt is well known that Administrators should always create dedicated service accounts with appropriate access to be used by network applications on a Microsoft network.  However there is always a case of a lazy administrator in the past who could not be bothered to create dedicated service accounts so they use the default domain admin account... [Lire la suite]

17 février 2012

DNS-OK.FR, vérifiez maintenant si vous êtes infectés par DNSChanger

Nous avons lancé aujourd'hui un site Web de test pour vérifier automatiquement et simplement l'éventuelle compromission de votre machine par un cheval de Troie connu sous le nom de DNSChanger. A l'instar du test en ligne créé pour vérifier une infection éventuelle par le malware Conficker, chaque internaute peut se rendre sur le site dns-ok.fr pour vérifier "visuellement" si sa machine est compromise par DNSChanger. --> A voir sur le site... [Lire la suite]
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31 août 2010

Changes In Exchange 2010 SP1 Clean Install…

Nothing much has been changed in the Exchange 2010 SP1 clean install compared to the beta version. The option to automatically install Exchange pre-requisites as part of the setup is still there (same as beta, check my previous article). The option to configure split permission model comes up, same as the beta version. Check my previous article. The only change is a nice warning when you install 2010 SP1 on a domain controller. You are warned that the exchange server on a DC will elevate the permissions for “Exchange... [Lire la suite]
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