12 février 2010

Free network tool to configure switchs and all.

Who's the smartest network engineer you know? It's YOU when you have our new Network Config Generator as your brainy, config-conjuring sidekick! Configuring VLANs and other advanced services can be tedious and time consuming. Who has time to go online and research network configuration settings? Now there's a faster and easier way to squeeze more performance and value out of your network by activating the device capabilities you've already paid for! Download our free Network Config Generator and in less time than it takes to say... [Lire la suite]
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17 juillet 2009

Générer des certificats Web depuis IIS 7.0

Alexandre GIRAUD [EXAKIS - MVP Forefront] vient de publier sur son blog un article expliquant comment créer des certificats web avec IIS 7.0 et les exporter afin de pouvoir les utiliser dans les outils de Reverse Proxy tels que ISA et IAG ; voire même Forefront TMG et forefront UAG ! A lire sur : http://www.alexgiraud.net/blog/Lists/Billets/Post.aspx?ID=60 http://blogs.technet.com/longhorn/archive/2009/07/01/g-n-rer-des-certificats-web-depuis-iis-7-0.aspx
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