27 septembre 2012

Client Protocol Architecture In Exchange 2013 : WHERE IS MY HUB ?

Exchange 2013 has only two roles and the protocols handled by the roles are different to the ones in 2010.   In 2013, all types of clients connect to the CAS role. Rather than explaining all the types of access, the below slide from the recent TechEd session by Scott Schnoll shows the client protocol architecture in Exchange 2013. Clearly, a picture is worth a thousand words --> No more Hub, No more UC, things will be eased for deployments... please see the blog... [Lire la suite]
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30 mai 2010

Routing Behaviour Change When HUB and Mailbox Role Co-Exist On A DAG Member…

In Exchange 2010, the way emails get routed changes when you have a DAG member that hosts both the Mailbox and HUB transport role. This change was brought in to ensure the protection of messages while it uses Dumpster 2.0 For example, let’s say that I have a server named EXCH1 which hosts both Mailbox and HUB role. Emails that are sent to a mailbox in EXCH1 will be handled by the HUB transport role present on the same server. This is the default behaviour. Now, let’s say that we have a DAG with servers (EXCH1, EXCH2 etc)... [Lire la suite]
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21 juillet 2009

USB Device Mapping to VM in ESX4 Does Not Work As Stated

1.0 Overview With the release of ESX4, VMware documented the inclusion of a USB Host Controller device that could be installed in to hosted Virtual Machines. This USB controller would allow the mapping of a host attached USB device through to a VM. However when you connect a device you can not map it to a hosted Virtual Machine. This is documented at the following locations: http://vmware.com/pdf/vsphere4/r40/vsp_40_admin_guide.pdf (Page 164)http://weblog.aklmedia.nl/2009/05/vmware-vsphere-esx4-is-arrived/ 2.0 Issue ... [Lire la suite]
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