21 décembre 2011

Database Maintenance in Exchange 2010

Over the last several months there has been significant chatter around what is background database maintenance and why is it important for Exchange 2010 databases. Hopefully this article will answer these questions. What maintenance tasks need to be performed against the database? The following tasks need to be routinely performed against Exchange databases: Database Compaction Database Defragmentation Database Checksumming Page Patching Page Zeroing --> Please see the rest on the blog... [Lire la suite]
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12 octobre 2010

Rollup Installation Made Easier With DAG Maintenance Scripts In Exchange 2010 SP1…

Installing update rollups on DAG members was never a straight forward task like clicking Next, Next. We had to make sure that all the active databases have been moved to a different DAG member, activation of all databases on the server to be patched is blocked, mailbox database copy is suspended etc. If we had Forefront running, it had to be disabled as well. To make patching DAG members easier, Microsoft has two new scripts in the “Scripts” folder of Exchange 2010 SP1. StartDAGServerMaintenance.ps1 and... [Lire la suite]
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05 mars 2010

Secret Commands for Emergency Maintenance from the ESXi4 Console

Anyone who has installed VMware's ESXi4 hypervisor (if you haven't then get an idea of what you are missing with my article on how to setup your own ESXi4 server will be aware that the options for maintenance at the server itself are somewhat limited. In fact its just a one page menu: For setting up your ESXi4 server you don't even need to go that far in fact, since you can just point your vSphere Client at the IP assigned to the server by DHCP and do everything afterwards from there. So why should you even bother to attach a... [Lire la suite]
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25 août 2008

Juniper, un concurrent valable pour Cisco?

http://www.reseaux-telecoms.net/actualites/lire-cisco-demonte-au-profit-de-juniper-chez-amazingmailcom-18662.html Ce sont des tarifs de maintenance trop élevés qui ont amené la société Amazingmail.com à démonter tous ses équipements de réseau Cisco pour les remplacer par leur équivalent chez Juniper. L'opération a permis de revoir les règles de sécurité des pare-feux. Amazingmail.com est une petite société d'emailing basée à Scottsdale (Arizona). Elle emploie 90 personnes, réparties entre trois sites. C'est sans état d'âme... [Lire la suite]
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