26 juillet 2013

Building a driver library in VMware Horizon Mirage

Here’s a guest post by Robert Tindall who explains the process one would go through to build a driver Library in Horizon Mirage. This is commonly done when working with Horizon Mirage Base Layers, Restores, and Reverting to snapshots. the following guides you through the process of extracting drivers from the manufacture and gives examples of how you can logically structure your device drivers folders for that manufacture, Model, OS Type etc. To add a driver to your driver library, we suggest you download the driver from... [Lire la suite]
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07 décembre 2012

VMware Mirage Installation – the lab setup

VMware Mirage Installation and Configuration in Lab environment. Vmware Mirage has been demoed during the latest VMworld 2012 in Barcelona. I have attended and also I did an interview with a demo there with Tom Nikl. If you have missed that, you can read the original article here – VMware Mirage – VMworld Barcelona Demo. VMware Mirage Architecture is composed from several components which each of those is installed on particular place – in the datacenter, on the client computers etc. Let’s see which components are used in the VMware... [Lire la suite]
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10 octobre 2012

VMware Mirage – VMworld Barcelona – Demo video

VMware Mirage in Barcelona – demoed by Tom Nikl I passed by the VMware stand during my stay at VMworld Barcelona 2012, and I was able to record a demo of product called VMware Mirage. A product that I have already wrote about in my article here (see the architecture pic and video). The VMware Mirage product will interest few people I know personally. All IT admins which needs to protect desktop and laptops as a quick recovery or migration solution. People that might not want to implement VMware View as a desktop solution. Mirage... [Lire la suite]
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16 septembre 2012

3-Way Synchronous Mirroring Better Than 2-Way

Why Is 3-Way Synchronous Mirroring Better Than 2-Way? A new PDF released by Starwind software discuss the possibility to use 3 servers to achieve better availability than in a configuration with 2 servers. If you follow my website and you’re regular reader, you might already noticed that the Starwind has released version 6.0 of their popular iSCSI SAN Software. If you’re VCP or vExpert you can ask for an NFR license and use it for demos or home-labing. In fact, all those people can ask for a license - vExperts, VMware Certified... [Lire la suite]
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