07 février 2011

More details about Microsoft’s client hypervisor for Windows appear

In July last year, virtualization.info reported that the first details about HyperV 3.0, which appeared online on a French publication. According to that publication, the Hypervisor will not run a full copy of Windows in its parent partition, but a minimal part of the OS, which Microsoft internally calls codename MinWin. Also details appeared on how Microsoft will integrate its application virtualization solution App-V in Windows so that customers can run XP, Vista, 7 and Linux applications on the same environment. Now Manan... [Lire la suite]
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06 septembre 2010

Parent memory reserve with dynamic memory

Most people I know who have spent a lot of time with Hyper-V have had the experience of accidentally taking too much memory away from the parent partition.  This happens when they start too many virtual machines – and all of a sudden the performance and responsiveness of the parent partition goes down significantly. The response from people who hit this is usually to stop the last virtual machine that they started, to reduce its memory, and then start it up again. This solution has worked in the past – but is no longer an... [Lire la suite]
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10 septembre 2009

VMworld: Is it a Scalability Issue to run Drivers in the Hyper-V Parent Partition? (Answer: No)

I am sitting in the VMworld session “TA3880 - Head-To-Head Comparison: VMware vSphere and ESX vs. Hyper-V and XenServer”.  It is interesting to listen to VMware’s perspective on this. One point that they have raised – which I have heard before – is that VMware ESX has better scalability than Hyper-V because they run their drivers in the hypervisor, while we run our drivers in the parent partition.  VMware usually then continues to say that they tried this approach (drivers in the parent partition, or the “service console”... [Lire la suite]
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