17 mai 2011

Surprising results FC/NFS/iSCSI/FCoE…

I received a preliminary copy of a this report a couple of weeks ago, but since then nothing has changed. NetApp took the time to compare FC against, FCoE, iSCSI and NFS. Like most of us, probably, I still had the VI3 mindset and expected that FC would come out on top. Fact of the matter is that everything is so close, the differences are neglectable and tr-3916 shows that regardless of the type of data access protocol used you can get the same mileage. I am glad NetApp took the time to test these scenarios and used various test... [Lire la suite]
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30 mars 2010

vCheck v5

That’s right, its finally here, vCheck v5 has arrived ! If you have been using previous versions of this report then its time to update, I have added lots of cool new features and checks which make this report (even if I do say so) awesome ! Some of the highlighted features of v5 are: Comments Each section now has comments telling you why I think it may be an issue, there are often links to blog posts and useful information for further reading, an example is below: Obviously for the experts among you these comments... [Lire la suite]
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