06 septembre 2010

PowerCLI 4.1 Poster and Quick Reference Guide

Recently released on the PowerCLI site there has been an updated version of the PowerCLI Poster, this time the PowerCLI Documentation and Engineering teams have done a great job of updating it into a readable poster and have even added my quick reference guide to it to make it an awesome document. Included in this poster you will not only find every cmdlet collated into some nice readable sections but also code examples and further PowerCLI and PowerShell resources, download the pdf from below: ... [Lire la suite]
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26 août 2009

vSphere Reference Card v 1.0 final is out

Forbes Guthrie finally released his final version of his vReference Card which I talked about few posts back. Few weeks ago came from his “workshop” another document called vSphere documentation notes . This vReference card helps you having a really useful informations about vSphere on a single sheet of paper. Great ressource if you’re preparing or an VCP exam for exemple. I’m gonna print and keep with me… Thanks Forbes !! Get the card here. http://www.vladan.fr/vsphere-reference-card-v-1-0-final-is-out/
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