02 octobre 2013

How to create shared iSCSI storage for ESXi using StarWind’s iSCSI SAN Software

How to create shared iSCSI storage for ESXi using StarWind’s iSCSI SAN Software In my previous post, I mentioned that I use StarWind Software’s iSCSI SAN software to provide iSCSI LUNs for my home lab.  In this post, I’ll document the process to create a simple shared iSCSI LUN setup.  Using that, one can provide as many LUNs as required to an ESXi setup, possibly with multipathing – very useful if one doesn’t have expensive network storage and virtual appliances don’t seen flexible enough.  I should apologise in... [Lire la suite]
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10 décembre 2012

Convertir un disque VHD en VMDK

Un outil Starwind V2V Image Converter gratuit permet de convertir des disques VHD (format Microsoft) en disque VMDK (format VMware) et vice-versa. L’utilisation est la suivante :   1/ Lancer l’outil : 2/ cliquer sur ‘Next’ : --> La suite est à lire sur le blog : http://fabricemaison.wordpress.com/2012/12/09/convertir-un-disque-vhd-en-vmdk/
19 novembre 2012

Starwind VMware Backup for VMware

Starwind VMware Backup – has been launched. Starwind has released new backup product for VMware vSphere called Starwind Backup for vSphere. Fully compatible with latest vSphere 5.1, the product can do backup and recovery of running VMware vSphere or Hyper-V Virtual Machines. The product has had quite a long beta period, and I already informed you about the preparation, but the compatibility with latest vSphere 5.1 has been confirmed just recently, with the final release of the backup product. For those of you who don’t know... [Lire la suite]
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16 septembre 2012

3-Way Synchronous Mirroring Better Than 2-Way

Why Is 3-Way Synchronous Mirroring Better Than 2-Way? A new PDF released by Starwind software discuss the possibility to use 3 servers to achieve better availability than in a configuration with 2 servers. If you follow my website and you’re regular reader, you might already noticed that the Starwind has released version 6.0 of their popular iSCSI SAN Software. If you’re VCP or vExpert you can ask for an NFR license and use it for demos or home-labing. In fact, all those people can ask for a license - vExperts, VMware Certified... [Lire la suite]
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10 septembre 2009

Use your Windows server as a shared Storage for your ESX Server

Ok, I already posted a guide about how to configure Openfiler Linux for free as a shared storage for your Virtual Infrastructure. If you’re not into linux, you can just try Starwind for free too…. (up to 2 TB of Data !!). Here is a PDF guide (it’s for ESX 3.5 but the princip is the same for ESXi 4. You must create a virtual disk storage which will became a iSCSI Target. Thist target will then be presented to your ESX server as a shared storage. You’ll be able to setup Starwind iSCSI SAN in only about 10 minuts. In the Free... [Lire la suite]
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04 juin 2009

Convert any Windows server in a free SAN for your ESX/vSphere lab

In case you are not using free Openfiler under Linux for your VMware ESX Server/vSphere 4 homelab (if you don’t like linux for example…) there is a solution for you. A company called StarWind is providing for free a Software allowing to create an iSCSI Target for your VMware Infrastructure (up to 2 Tb capcity !!!) and so to convert your existing Windows server to a SAN storage.  With the Starwind free version you can converts any Windows server into a SAN in less than 10 minutes. This is a fully functional product at no cost. ... [Lire la suite]
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