27 août 2014

VMworld 2014 : vSphere 6.0 améliore l'allocation du stockage

Avec la version 6.0 de vSphere, VMware veut améliorer la gestion des ressources de stockage allouées à chaque VM. (crédit : D.R.) Avec vSphere 6.0, proposée en bêta publique, et l'arrivée de Virtual Volumes, VMware veut améliorer la gestion et l'allocation des ressources de stockage associées aux machines virtuelles. Pour la première fois, il veut recueillir largement les retours des utilisateurs. Fin juin, VMware a créé la surprise en annonçant une bêta publique du successeur de vSphere 5.5, en l'occurrence vSphere... [Lire la suite]
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31 mars 2014

Suresh Vasudevan, CEO de Nimble Storage : « L'adoption prend du temps en France »

Après son IPO réussi, Nimble Storage a levé les moyens nécessaires à son développement à l'international. Suresh Vasudevan, CEO de Nimble Storage, accompagné de Frédéric Saldès, directeur commercial pour la France, s'est posé à Paris pour discuter de l'accueil des ses solutions en France. En tournée européenne, Suresh Vasudevan, CEO de Nimble Storage, s'est arrêté à paris pour rencontrer des clients et une poignée de journalistes. Si la start-up n'est pas vraiment une inconnue pour les lecteurs du Monde Informatique puisque nous... [Lire la suite]
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26 novembre 2013

Horizon View 5.3 Storage Optimization Features–Deep Dive

This post provides a detailed overview of the storage optimization features of Horizon View 5.3. Unbounded Storage Overcommit Policy Horizon View enables customers to select one or more datastores for storing their desktop virtual machines. For linked-clone pools, customers can control the number of virtual machines that can be placed on a datastore by selecting one of several Storage Overcommit options. Customers are presented with the Storage Overcommit options when they create a linked-clone desktop pool in View Administrator,... [Lire la suite]
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27 juin 2013

Introduction to VMware Virsto

What is VMware Virsto and What Does it Do? Since VMware’s acquisition of Virsto earlier this year, many customers and folks in the community have expressed a great deal of interest in the product. Since so many folks have requested more information about the product, I’ve decide to write a series of in-depth blog articles that will discuss VMware Virsto’s capabilities, benefits, and targeted use cases for the product. VMware Virsto is a software-defined storage solution design to optimize the use of external block storage in vSphere... [Lire la suite]
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20 mai 2013

VEEAM Backup & Replication Secret v7 features: Built-in WAN Acceleration, Backup from Storage Snapshots

Secret v7 features: Built-in WAN Acceleration, Backup from Storage Snapshots Maria (Veeam) 8 minutes ago Great news! Two disruptive innovations will be available in Veeam Backup & Replication v7: Built-in WAN Acceleration Backup from Storage Snapshots WAN Acceleration includes global caching, variable length dedupe, traffic compression, TCP/IP optimizations (multi-threading, provisions for high latency links) and resume on disconnect. Backup from Storage Snapshots minimizes the impact on VMs. Organizations no... [Lire la suite]
13 mai 2013

Announcing a new MSA and Simply StoreIT

I feel kind of bad that Britt did all that work and now I get to share with you the news today.  I'll keep this short because I've done a ChalkTalk that gives you a good overview, but here briefly is the news:   We're introducing the MSA2040, the fourth generation of the MSA that is up to 4X faster than the MSA2000 G3 and competitive entry arrays.  It's the first entry SAN with 16Gb FC and has very cool data in-place upgrade capabilities. There are enhancements to our HP StoreEasy... [Lire la suite]
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13 mai 2013

Is VSA the future of software-defined storage?

HP on software-defined storage: why VSA is the future   In my last post, I posed a question: How do you define software-defined storage? I offered up a base definition of what software-defined storage means to HP. Since then IDC has released a new taxonomy on software-defined storage which includes this definition:   IDC defines software-based storage as any storage software stack that can be installed on any commodity resources (x86 hardware, hypervisors, or cloud) and/or off-the-shelf computing hardware... [Lire la suite]
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30 avril 2013

RE: Is VSA the future of Software Defined Storage? (OpenIO)

I was reading this article on the HP blog about the future of Software Defined Storage and how the VSA fits perfectly. Although I agree that a VSA (virtual storage appliance) could potentially be a Software Defined Storage solution I do not really agree with IDC quote used for the basis of this article and on top of that I think some crucial factors are left out. Lets start with the IDC quote: IDC defines software-based storage as any storage software stack that can be installed on any commodity resources (x86 hardware,... [Lire la suite]
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25 avril 2013

Easily Rescan All ESXi Host Storage

I'm what you might call a contradiction. I'm definitely not a fan of the repetitive task, but am also coincidentally too lazy to learn how to script this very same task. Sometimes I luck out and a quick Web search will point me in the right direction, or other times my laziness takes me to built-in functions that can help me out just as well. The vSphere Client (and Web Client!) have helped me avoid scripting one more time! Whew! The repetitive task of the day is adding a VMFS volume to a vSphere cluster. Before I found this little... [Lire la suite]
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14 février 2013

Pourquoi le rachat de Virsto par VMware pourrait transformer l'industrie du stockage

VMware rachète Virsto, spécialiste du Software Defined Storage. Le début de la fin de l'ère du stockage matériel ? VMware a annoncé il y a trois jours le rachat de Virsto Software, une start-up de Sunnyvale (Californie) pour un montant non communiqué. L’acquisition devrait être finalisée dans le trimestre. Une start-up de plus dans le giron du géant ? Non, plutôt un pas important, voire très important dans sa stratégie : Virsto est un hyperviseur de stockage qui s’inscrit dans la mouvance du «Software Defined Storage», soit la brique... [Lire la suite]