29 novembre 2011

Petite note personnelle : VCP 5 OK!

Bonsoir, Juste une petite note pour annoncer que j'ai passé cet après midi la certification VCP 5 avec succès! Pas facile encore cette certification, mais à coeur vaillant... J'espère que j'aurai de nouveau droit à une licence VMware Workstation ;)
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22 novembre 2011

Site utile à la préparation du VCP 5 Vmware

Bonjour, J'ai trouvé ce site qui est très bien fait, un blog qui recense des fonctionnalités de vSphere 5 pour la préparation au VCP 5 : http://vcp5.wordpress.com/ En Anglais, mais très didactique! Jean-Charles
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13 novembre 2011

How To Pass The VCP5 Exam

here are so many good technical certifications out there today that it can be a daunting task to know which certifications path to take. If you are looking for a virtualization based certification path, the decision is a much easier one to make. VMware has laid out their virtualization certification path nicely on their website, which makes it easy to understand which course you need to take (let me emphasize NEED, VMware requires you take an Install, Configure and Manage or ICM course before you can certify) and what will help you to... [Lire la suite]
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12 octobre 2010

vCenter Service fails after upgrade to 4.1

Run the scripts attached to the article linked below before upgrading to vCenter Server 4.1. If you have already upgraded, this article provides detailed workaround steps if you are experiencing the issue. 1026688 SymptomsVirtualCenter Service fails after upgrading to vCenter Server 4.1. You see this error in the vpxd logs:Panic: Win32 exception: Access Violation (0xc0000005)   Read (0) at address 0000000000000098   rip: 000000014071edcc rsp: 000000000419c700 rbp: 000000000419e160   rax:... [Lire la suite]
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30 mai 2010

VMware releases new Certification “VMware Certified Advanced Professional”

VMware just announced/released a new certification called “VMware Certified Advanced Professional”. This certification sits in between VCP and VCDX! VCAP4 – Datacenter Administration Gain industry recognition for your technical leadership in the planning and administration of vSphere technologies. Learn more about VMware Certified Advanced Professional – Datacenter Administration certification and get started today. Be a VMware Certified Professional 4 (VCP4) Pass the VCAP4-DCA exam VCAP4 – Datacenter Design ... [Lire la suite]
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02 septembre 2009

VCP Certification: Do You Know What it Takes?

You might have noticed that the VMware Certified Professional certification now has a number appended to it.  The name has been changed to reflect your areas of skill - VCP2 for those who have been around the longest and took the VCP test when it revolved around version 2, VCP3 for those of you who studied and mastered version 3 of ESX, and now VCP4 for those who chose to remain in the forefront of the virtualization craze. The good news is that your certifications now have no end date. Once you have earned your VCP3, you are... [Lire la suite]
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16 avril 2009

VCP, VCDX… what’s next?

Master VCP! How cool does that sound?The VCDX, as cool as it is, is specifically targeted at a solution architect level. It is not for everyone. What should be for all of you is a “next” level. This “Master VCP” certification is something that we are working very hard on being able to provide soon. It would involve being a VCP, then taking the Enterprise Administration Exam, which is part multiple choice, part practical. That exam has limited scalability at this point, and we can’t roll out this certification until we resolve that... [Lire la suite]
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29 août 2008

Combien de certifiés VMWare (VCP) en Europe?

http://www.silicon.fr/fr/news/2008/08/29/apres_la_gratuite__vmware_reflechit_a_sa_tarification En janvier, VMware comptait 12 000 techniciens VCP (VMWare Certified Professional) en Europe, soit pus de 50 % de nos certifiés. La France comptait elle 662 certifiés en début d’été 2008. À titre de comparaison, La France totalise environ 15 000 administrateurs certifiés Cisco. Et PROSERVIA en compte déjà une demi douzaine :)
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