28 février 2013

Licensing for the Mobile Workforce: VMware Horizon Suite 1.0 Licensing

Are you wondering about licensing for the new VMware Horizon Suite and each of its component bundles? Following is a quick guide to Horizon Suite licensing. Because of the preponderance of multiple devices per person in the workplace, VMware decided to go with named-user licensing for the Horizon Suite. Why? Named-user licensing allows each named user to access the Horizon Suite from any of their devices. The Horizon Suite is software for a mobile workforce. An end user can sit at their desk and access their... [Lire la suite]
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28 février 2013

The Rise of the Multi-Device Workspace

The IT world never stands still. External forces are always conspiring to ensure that change is the only constant for IT organizations. It seems like just yesterday that IT spent most of its time focusing on only managing – employees. IT supported desktops that were owned by the company and were running company owned software. Those desktops traversed company-owned networks to company-developed applications, running on a company-owned server in a datacenter owned and operated at the company. It was in this more centralized world... [Lire la suite]
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28 février 2013

Broadening VMware’s EUC Horizons with Innovation

Welcome to 2013, the era of multi-device mobile workspace, BYOD and the consumerization of IT. Let’s explore each of these. Consumerization of IT doesn’t mean encouraging your users to use unaccountable, non-compliant consumer services to get their work done. But it does mean that IT has competition! IT is no longer the only game in town. Users are far more sophisticated in 2013 – they use tools and technologies in their personal lives and woe to the IT organization that doesn’t provide access to modern easy to use, business... [Lire la suite]
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26 février 2013

ThinApp Puts On The Suit(e)

Last week, VMware made some major announcements with regard to the arrival of the Horizon Suite and the new pricing and packaging framework to simplify and unite the VMware EUC technologies for our customers.  This is a milestone for EUC because it marks a concerted effort by VMware to streamline the adoption and implementation of products into a solution stack that customers can easily procure and implement. One of the changes that was announced is that at the end of the year ThinApp will no longer be sold as a standalone... [Lire la suite]
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22 février 2013

Des puces graphiques pour quadrupler les VM dans un serveur HP

Les lames ProLiant WS460c Gen8 accueillent jusqu'à huit GPU Nvidia. Les lames ProLiant WS460c Gen8 pour serveur/station de travail, que Hewlett-Packard se prépare à livrer, permettra de déployer quatre fois plus de machines virtuelles que les versions précédentes. Selon HP, le serveur lame permet aussi de réduire les coûts opérationnels. Comme l'a expliqué John Gromala, directeur du marketing produit pour la division Industry Standard Servers and Software de HP, le serveur lame HP ProLiant WS460c Gen8 intègre des processeurs... [Lire la suite]
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21 février 2013

Australia : University of Wollongong dabbles in VMware Horizon

The university trialled the new VMware virtual desktop and data management suite for months, with plans for further deployment across the organisation. The University of Wollongong (UoW) has embraced VMware's new virtual desktop and data management suite after being its guinea pig during the beta testing phase. VMware launched the Horizon Suite on Thursday, which rolls up Horizon View, Horizon Mirage, and Horizon Workspace, a new application that manages multiple screens in one neat package. Aimed at mobile application... [Lire la suite]
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20 février 2013

View Accelerated – 3D Graphics with Horizon View 5.2

View 5.2 brings Hardware accelerated graphics for 3D and high performance graphical workloads. vSGA (Shared Accelerated Graphics) in View 5.2 will allow uses cases such as Adobe, CAD, CAM, HTML5 and will even give better user experience to Microsoft Office that is increasing using more 3D features. vSGA will also help to increase user densities by allowing multiple VMs sharing single GPU. vSGA supports DirectX and OpenGL and doesn’t prevent the use of vMotion, HA or DRS. vSGA will allow you even to vMotion from a host with a... [Lire la suite]
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20 février 2013

VMware Horizon Suite

VMware has announced the new VMware Horizon Suite: the platform for workforce mobility. Core of the VMware’s End User Computing (EUC) vision it is based on this point: Transform: Simplify desktops, diverse apps and data into centralized services Broker: Manage & Secure centrally and broker services to your workforce by policy Deliver: Empower your workforce with flexible access across devices, locations and connectivity It’s a suite of products designed to handle applications, data, desktop and deliver them though... [Lire la suite]
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20 février 2013

Secure your VMware View security server!

Recently, one of my customers had a security scan performed on the infrastructure and the result was that the VMware View security server was configured to support a couple of weak cipher suites. As it turns out, there is a VMware KB-article that describes how to configure the security server with SSL protocols and Cipher suites: Configure cipher suites and security protocols on a View Connection server instance or security server in View 4.5 and later. How to solve this: - Create a text-file called: locked.properties (Usually... [Lire la suite]
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30 janvier 2013

VMware Mirage Cool Video

VMware Mirage is one of my products I’m interested in since a couple of months. Since the acquisition of Vanova by VMware, the product has been updated and improved by VMware. I’ve assisted to a live Demo of the product during VMworld Barcelona. I did an interview with Tom Nikl - Mirage product manager. If you have missed that, you can read the original article here – VMware Mirage – VMworld Barcelona Demo.. And I have also Installed and tested VMware Mirage in my lab recently, you can have a look at the whole step-by-step serie: ... [Lire la suite]
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