07 janvier 2013

Changing Password on Administrator Accounts - Performing an Audit

This article addresses a common task which many administrators have to address within their career as as an IT professional - changing the password on a core administrator account.ScenarioIt is well known that Administrators should always create dedicated service accounts with appropriate access to be used by network applications on a Microsoft network.  However there is always a case of a lazy administrator in the past who could not be bothered to create dedicated service accounts so they use the default domain admin account... [Lire la suite]

02 novembre 2010

Working as a systems administrator oftentimes requires you t10 Tools Every Network Administrator Should Have On Their Thumbdrive

Working as a systems administrator oftentimes requires you to interact with many different computers in a single day. One minute you're dealing with cranky users complaining about slow performance on their PCs and the next minute your soothing badly behaving domain controllers. Having to interact with so many different PCs makes it all the more advantageous to keep a core set of tools with you at all times. Many useful tools can be run from a portable storage device and some have even been specifically designed to run on portable... [Lire la suite]
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30 mai 2010

The premium App-V package editor and administrator's companion

http://www.gridmetric.com/products/ave.html Building on the success of hugely popular SFT Explorer - trusted by thousands of App-V professionals around the world - Application Virtualization Explorer (AVE) introduces a new era in App-V package editors and viewers. AVE adds several new exiting features into already familiar and easy to use and understandable interface. AVE is not SFT only viewer anymore, but full-blown App-V package editor which targets all use cases for App-V packages, be it SCCM integrated use, traditional... [Lire la suite]
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06 avril 2010

3 Ways to Enable the Built-In Windows 7 Administrator Account

In Windows 7, like Windows Vista, when you install the operating system, you are asked to enter a user name which will be the primary local user that will use this system. Like in Windows Vista, in Windows 7 the built-in Administrator's account is disabled by default. Furthermore, this account is not associated with any password. The new user which is created during the installation is configured to be a member of the built-in Administrators group, and in fact, can be used for any management task. That use is in fact equivalent... [Lire la suite]
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