Je me sers souvent pour des clients d'ACRONIS True Image ECHO Enterprise Server.

Cet outil permet de faire des sauvegardes systèmes Windows et Linux à CHAUD avec support des clichés instantanés et de restaurer soit au format machine virtuelle (VMWare, Microsoft..) soit sur du matériel différent (avec le module "Universal Restore" en option)!!!!!

Voici donc une nouvelle build disponible si vous avez la maintenance sortie voici quelques jours, beaucoup de choses intéressantes dedans!!!!!!!! :

Last available update: build #8115, 2008-07-21.
Added new feature - File exclusion from image archives. Files and Folders can now be excluded from hard disk or partition images.
Added new feature - The integration of Acronis Recovery for Microsoft Exchange (ARX) in Acronis True Image Echo (ATI) Management Console (MC). Access to major ARX functions is accessible from the ATI MC giving access to ARX wizards and tools if ARX is installed on machine that MC is connected to. The ARX Management Console also needs to be installed on the same machine where the ATI management console is installed
Added new feature - Restoring Exchange backup files on Bare Metal machines after data recovery. The option to "Run Acronis Recovery for MS Exchange Bare Metal Restore after data recovery" gives users the ability to restore Exchange data automatically after image restore making easy restoration or migration of Exchange servers even to Bare Metal machines.
Fixed - Group Server: Slow performance while setting credentials for Agents within Group Server.
Fixed - Inability to eject ttape in Local Version of Acronis True Image Echo Enterprise Server for Windows until it is dismounted manually. A check box has been added which will allow users to dismount tape automatically. This feature has been added to the "Additional Options" menu.
Fixed - Loss of memory while restoring archive from several tape media locations in Local version of Acronis True Image Echo for Windows has been resolved.
Fixed - Group Server: Some Group Task settings are now saved while editing Group Tasks.
Fixed - Upgrade of Acronis True Image Echo Workstation doesn`t accept the serial number of Acronis True Image 11 Home.
Fixed - Reading sector errors in Acronis True Image Echo Enterprise Server with RDX-drive(s) attached to computer.
Fixed - Group Server: Incorrect status of Validate Group Tasks.
Fixed - Acronis Universal Restore from command-line in Bart-PE plug-in.
Fixed - Group Server: Typo`s in Add Computer Wizard of Group Server.
Fixed - Unable to backup to tape if "Validate after backup" option is selected.
Fixed - Group Server: After reboot Group Server loses "Ready" agents.
Fixed - Group Server: Network path in "Backup location section" not found without trailing "/".
Fixed - Group Server: Manual Group Task execution failure.
Fixed - Group Server: Unable to use default credentials for multiple computers in Group Task Wizard.
Fixed - Group Server: Error while creating Group Task backup to FTP with "Validation" option after backup.
Fixed - Group Server: Inaccessible agent machines.
Fixed - TrueImage.exe crashes when mounting image when using an image created with "Exclude" files from image option is used.
Fixed - Backup Server: Unable to install Backup Server if previous build(s) were installed.

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