Voici un premier article d'une série intéressante.... 


There are lots of server tasks in Windows Server 2008 that can be done much faster with Windows PowerShell than with a GUI. What you’ll find in this article series are ten common server tasks all done on PowerShell.

In this two part mini-series you’ll learn how to:

  1. Change the local administrator password with PowerShell
  2. Restart or shutdown a server with PowerShell
  3. Restart a service with PowerShell
  4. Terminate a process with PowerShell
  5. Create a disk utilization report with PowerShell
  6. Get 10 most recent event log errors with PowerShell
  7. Reset access control on a folder with PowerShell
  8. Get a server’s uptime with PowerShell
  9. Get service pack information with PowerShell
  10. Delete old files with PowerShell

In today’s article we’ll start with tasks one through five; in Part 2 in this series we’ll continue with tasks six through ten.

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