It’s been exactly a week since Windows 8 has been released, and Microsoft is doing its best to convince IT professionals and system administrators to adopt their latest client OS. As I pointed out in my article from last week that presented six reasons why you should deploy Windows 8, there are a fair number of impressive new features and improvements that make test-driving Windows 8 a requirement for anyone in IT.

All that said, Windows 8 isn’t a sure thing for IT shops. While Windows 7 has been almost universally praised by administrators, end-users, analysts, and journalists – and has the sales figures to prove it – Windows 8 is running into what can only be described as a headwind on the IT adoption side of things.

I’ve written a bit about this in the past, including a piece about how Windows XP continues to remain entrenched in many enterprises despite Microsoft’s best efforts to remove it, and how many IT professionals I’ve spoken with aren’t rushing to embrace Windows 8. It’s not just me making this claim, with analysts at research firm Gartner predicting that Windows 8 will only get a “20-25% adoption rate in the enterprise.” Over at my old stomping grounds at Windows IT Pro, Senior Technical Director Michael Otey – one of the smartest people I know in IT – has even gone so far as to ask if Windows 8 is the next Windows Vista.

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