VMware Horizon View Features Pack 1.0 was the missing piece of software that I recently pointed out after the Horizon View release. The features pack was missing initially when Horizon View was released few weeks back.  In fact the real name is Horizon View Features Pack 1.0 and has 2 main components:

  • HTML Access Web Portal installer - this part installs on the View connection server and it’s this component which enables the access of virtual desktops via HTML 5 compatible browser. (VMware-Horizon-View-HTML-Access_x64-1.0.0-1049726.exe : file size – approx 12 Megs).
  • Remote Experience Agent for 64-bit desktops (or there is another file for 32 bit desktops) - This is an agent, which will be installed in the Horizon View desktop together with horizon view agent. (VMware-Horizon-View-5.2-Remote-Experience-Agent-x64-1.0-1046150.msi : file size – approx 6 Megs).

--> Please see the rest on Vladan's Blog : http://www.vladan.fr/horizon-view-features-pack-1-0-what-it-brings-and-whats-its-good-for/