04 novembre 2012

Six Reasons Not to Deploy Windows 8

It’s been exactly a week since Windows 8 has been released, and Microsoft is doing its best to convince IT professionals and system administrators to adopt their latest client OS. As I pointed out in my article from last week that presented six reasons why you should deploy Windows 8, there are a fair number of impressive new features and improvements that make test-driving Windows 8 a requirement for anyone in IT. All that said, Windows 8 isn’t a sure thing for IT shops. While Windows 7 has been almost universally praised by... [Lire la suite]
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25 août 2011

Using vSphere 5 auto-deploy in your home lab

I was just playing around with auto-deploy and I figured I would quickly scribble down the steps required to configure it. The documentation is okay but it often refers me back and forth in the document which makes it difficult to read at times. Here is what I did to get it working. I was in doubt if I would add screenshots, but that would make this article fairly lengthy and I am sure that most of you wouldn’t need it any way. I have my complete lab virtualized at home, so this whole setup is running in VMware Workstation. Download... [Lire la suite]
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