04 mai 2011

Killing a wedged virtual machine

While I would like to pretend that nothing ever goes wrong with Hyper-V – the fact of the matter is that sometimes things go wrong with the best systems. Hyper-V has been designed in a modular fashion so that you can easily address any problems without affecting other virtual machines. But there can be a problem in figuring out what to do when things go wrong. Imagine that on my server the “FTP Server” has stopped responding – and I cannot even turn it off: What I need to do is to kill the vmwp.exe process for the FTP Server. But... [Lire la suite]
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07 mars 2011

Mise à jour d’un DAG Exchange Server 2010 SP1

Introduction Bonjour, nous allons voir dans ce post comment mettre à jour vos serveurs Exchange 2010 SP1, Des outils ont été intégrés au Service Pack 1 pour faciliter les mises à jour mais j’ai remarqué que dans beaucoup de cas ils ne sont pas utilisés par assez peu connus malgré le buz fait par le service pack 1 lors de sa sortie notamment lié à la possibilité de séparer les archives des bases de boîtes aux lettres http://unifiedit.wordpress.com/2010/07/29/exchange-server-2010-sp1-et-les-archives/ Rappelons ce qu’est un DAG même... [Lire la suite]
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26 janvier 2011

ISA Firewall Service Process (wspsrv.exe) high CPU utilization issue

1. Introduction When dealing with ISA high CPU utilization where wspsrve.exe is the one consuming more resources, the first impression is that ISA is the culprit for that. There are some scenarios where this statement is true, such as this one that I documented last year. But there are other scenarios where this is not true, including scenarios where wspsrv.exe is crashing – not always is because of ISA itself. I tried to demystify this on this post that I wrote back in 2009. This post is about a scenario where ISA... [Lire la suite]
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