The last couple of weeks I’ve seen all these performance numbers(most not publicly available though)  of vSphere, one even more impressing than the other. I think every one will agree that the latest one is really impressive, 364.00 IOPS is just insane. There’s no load vSphere can’t handle, when correctly sized of course.

But something that even made a bigger impression on me, as a consolidation fanatic, is the following line from the latest performance study:

VMware’s new paravirtualized SCSI adapter (pvSCSI) offered 12% improvement in throughput at 18% less CPU cost compared to LSI virtual adapter

Now this may not sound like much, but when you are running 50 hosts it will make a difference. It will save you on cooling / rack space / power / hardware / maintenance, in other words this will have it’s effect on your ROI and TCO. This is the kind of info that I would love to see more, where did we cut down on “overhead”… Which improvements will make our consolidation numbers go up?!