Welcome to Exchange Server 2010!

Exchange Server 2010 continues the tradition of providing more and more Messaging features for the enterprise, and at the same time, significantly lowering mailbox associated costs. This new version brings a slew of features to your messaging and communication infrastructure such as: Archiving, Compliance, High Availability, Enhanced Messaging experiences from various entry points, and so on.

Naturally, with a set of new features, comes the requirement for managing these features. As you are all aware, Exchange Server 2007 was fully manageable with a set of PowerShell CmdLets, and the Exchange Management Console (EMC) was built on top of this. This continues to be the case with Exchange Server 2010: a whole new range of PowerShell CmdLets to manage the product's cutting edge features, and a vastly greater administrative surface exposed via the EMC.

This series of articles will quickly skim through all the new administrative features surfaced via the EMC. Because of the sheer amount of things we wanted to show you, we broke this up into 3 separate blog posts that will follow each other. Future articles will drill into greater detail.

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