Ok, I already posted a guide about how to configure Openfiler Linux for free as a shared storage for your Virtual Infrastructure. If you’re not into linux, you can just try Starwind for free too…. (up to 2 TB of Data !!). Here is a PDF guide (it’s for ESX 3.5 but the princip is the same for ESXi 4.

You must create a virtual disk storage which will became a iSCSI Target. Thist target will then be presented to your ESX server as a shared storage.

You’ll be able to setup Starwind iSCSI SAN in only about 10 minuts. In the Free package you’ll get:

  • Large 2 TB storage capacity
  • Unlimited number of nodes / connections
  • Virtualization environment support for VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V and XenServer
  • Enhances VMware environments by enabling VMotion, VMware HA, DRS and VCB
  • Supports Windows server clustering for any application including SQL Server, Exchange, SharePoint


How-to steps:

01. You will need download the FREE iSCSI software target and install it on your Windows Server (or Workstation).You can download the PDF guide from Starwind Website.

02. Download the Step-by-step PDF guide to follow the necessary configuration steps here.

03. Enjoy… -:)

You can watch also this video which I found on Starwinds Website.