Windows Server 2012 has been officially available since September 9th, 2012, and many IT professionals and system administrators are evaluating the software for deployment. While the jury may still be out on Windows 8 in the enterprise, Windows Server 2012 ships with dozens – if not hundreds -- of new features that admins should find useful. Microsoft has a free trial of Windows Server 2012 available for download, so I'd encourage every Windows Server admin to give it a spin.

To narrow that list down a bit I’ve taken the liberty of selecting 10 of what I feel are the most noteworthy new (or improved) features in Windows Server 2012, and written a bit about why they’re so important. Feel free to disagree with the features I’ve picked or add a few of your own in the comments section.


1. Data Deduplication (my note : HELL YEAHHHHHH)

One of the constants of technology and the IT industry is that data storage demands and requirements are increasing exponentially. From ballooning email inboxes to file shares overflowing with documents, just about every enterprise has a need for more efficient. That’s where the new data deduplication features in Windows Server 2012 come in handy.

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