I'm very pleased to announce a new SRM release!  

It's not heavy on new features, but it's a great release with a couple of new major functions that are very import and a bunch of great bug fixes.  I'll talk a bit about what's in here, but do take a look at the release notes as well for the full explanation.

VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager 5.0.1 offers the following improvements:

Forced failover.  If your arrays had failed at the primary site, many times you would view this as a reason to execute a recovery plan to fail over.  A difficulty in the past has been that the recovery plan wants to shut down the protected VMs at the primary site, but could not do so gracefully if for example the storage platform was experiencing problems and unresponsive.  Forced failover lets the recovery plan execute even without the ability to shutdown/poweroff/unregister the VMs.  

This is a great improvement as obviously when things are having problems is when you most want to run a recovery to get things operational, without waiting for the storage platform or timeouts.

The other addition is support for customizing IP addresses on Ubuntu 10.04, 10.10, 11.04, and 11.10.  A welcome change for our Linuxians.

--> Please see the rest on the blog : http://blogs.vmware.com/vsphere/2012/03/site-recovery-manager-501-now-available.html