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The long awaited System Center 2012 Service Pack 1 is now available ! You can freely download it from here :

Don’t forget to also download the evaluation of Windows Server 2012 to get the best combination :

This Service Pack has of course a series of patches that improves the product but has some new features as you can see bellow :

    1. Support of Windows Server 2012 and SQL 2012 :

The SP1 is required to support Windows Server 2012. The support of Windows Server 2012 in two terms :

      • Supporting it as the operating system on which System Center is installed
      • Supporting it as the operating system that is monitored / managed by the components of System Center (Virtual Machine Manager, Operation Manager, Orchestrator …)

You can also use SQL 2012 as the underlying database to store the data from the various components of System Center and benefit from the new capabilities of SQL 2012 like the Database Availability Group or some other enhancements (performance, memory allocation …) that we have done on the database engine with SQL 2012.

--> The rest is to read on the blog :